1 Pump Retained.



1900 circa

Burgh Yard, DOUNE.


Car kept in Slaughterhouse.

1940 to 1965

Castle Hill, DOUNE.


Graham Street, DOUNE. FK16 6BY.                                    Photo





Sub Officer George Millar

1956 to ?

Sub Officer George Millar                   (Sub in 1965)

1998 to ?

Sub Officer David Shreter

? to Watch Manager Douglas Morrison (there November 2012)



1900 circa   Wheelbarrow  
1938   Car and Trailer  
? GLT822 Austin K2/Home Office ATV
1973 AES201B Commer/Carmichael WrT
  JLS368S Dodge K1113/Fulton and Wylie WrT
1990 XLS853Y Dodge G13c/Fulton and Wylie WrL
1998 E80TLS Volvo FL6-14/Fulton and Wylie WrL
2005 L802JLS Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
2012 Aug R579VLS Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
2016 May SN62EJX Volvo FLL/ISS GRP/Emergency One WrL



1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Perth and Kinross Fire Brigade
1975 to 1996 Central Region Fire Brigade
1996 to 2004 Central Scotland Fire Brigade
17/9/2004 to 2013 Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Service
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service



26/1/2016 was Station S5, New National Call Sign is M28.


The Perth and Kinross Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

  Equipment Retained
  1 Standard Towing Unit towing Light Trailer Pump 1 Leading Fireman
    5 Firemen


The Perth and Kinross Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1952

  Equipment Retained
  1 Pump Appliance 1 Leading Fireman
    5 Firemen


Establishment 2000

                                                Equipment                                                                                                     Retained

                                                1 Water Tender Ladder                                                                               1 Sub Officer
                                                                                                                                                                        2 Leading Firefighters
                                                                                                                                                                        7 Firefighters

Station Officers were in charge of retained stations until 1975 when the new Central Region Fire Brigade decided they didn’t want Retained Station Officers and all new Officers in Charge had the rank of Sub Officer. Existing Station Officers retained the rank until they retired.





The new fire station in Graham Street, Doune, was officially opened last night (Wednesday) by Major D. C. Bowser, O.B.E., J.P., Convener of Perth and Kinross County Council, by breaking the glass in an emergency fire alarm and pressing a button.
Immediately the automatic doors flew open and a fire appliance emerged from the station with the same speed and efficiency as there would have been if it had been a real fire alarm
Major Bowser, who was presented with a miniature fireman’s axe (incorporating a bottle opener and cork screw) which he had used to break the glass, admitted earlier in his speech, “Ever since I was a child I have longed to break the glass and press the button. In other circumstances than this, I would then have run away!”


Mr A. D. C. Main. O.B.E., J.P., chairman of the Perth and Kinross Fire Area Joint Committee, who presided at the opening ceremony, said the history of the fire service in Doune went back to the turn of the century soon after the laying of the first water mains. It was decided that they should he fitted with hydrants.
In the following year, the first serious effort to establish a fire brigade was made when a wheelbarrow with fire fighting equipment was provided. The equipment was under the immediate charge of the Burgh Surveyor and the fire station was located in the burgh yard.
The service continued in that form until 1938, when the wheelbarrow was replaced by a car with the equipment in a trailer. Alternative accommodation had to be found for the car and it was put in the slaughterhouse.
In 1940 a new fire station was opened in Castlehill and the car was taken into the new headquarters. Then in 1948, following a period under the National Fire Service, the brigade was returned to local authority control and it became the Doune unit of the Perth and Kinross Fire Brigade.
The officer now in charge of the unit was Sub Officer George Millar.


Mr Main said the new fire station has cost £9,000. It had the latest in structural design and was equipped with all modern amenities to ensure efficiency. It was the tenth fire station to be built in the fire area within the last few years and represented a further milestone in the committee’s desire to provide the best of equipment.
Mr Main praised the wholehearted co-operation of employers in the district for allowing the part-time firemen to leave their work at a moment’s notice to go to fires.
Major Bowser presented long service medals to Station Officer Duncan Fraser, B.E.M., Dunblane, and Leading Fireman David Assenti, Alyth.
Major Bowser expressed his appreciation of the determination of the fire area joint committee and Firemaster Alexander Masson that there should be well equipped, modern and efficient fire service. He paid special tribute to the architect, Mr J. Carvell, Perth, for his design of the new building.
Major Bowser also praised the men who served the community so well in protecting lives and property.
A vote of thanks was proposed by Provost D. J. Grant, Dunblane,
(Stirling Journal and Advertiser, Thursday, May 13,1965. Page 5.)



<PHOTO> Major D. C. Bowser, O.B.E., J.P., convener of Perth and Kinross County Council, realising a childhood ambition – breaking the glass of the emergency fire alarm – at the opening last week of Doune’s new £9,000 fire station.
(Stirling Journal and Advertiser, Thursday, May 20,1965. Page 7.)




A new fire station was opened at Doune on Wednesday by Major D.C. Bowser convener of the County of Perth and chairman of Perth and Kinross Joint County Council.
This is the 10th station of it’s type to be opened by Perth and Kinross Fire Area in recent years.
The chairman of the platform party was Mr. A.D.C. Main, chairman of the Joint Fire Committee, and a vote of thanks was proposed by Provost David Grant, Dunblane.
The new station is of modern contemporary design and replaces old premises in Castle Hill, Doune, which have been in existence since National Fire Service days in 1941.
Incorporated in the building are a single appliance bay which houses a Commer water tender, a station watchroom, lecture room, muster bay, kitchen, drying room and store.
Sub Officer George Millar, who has been in charge of the station since 1956, will continue with his duties there.
The station will continue to be manned by part-time firemen as at present.
Over 100 guests were present at the ceremony.
At the same occasion, opportunity was taken to present Fire Brigade long service and good conduct medals to Sub Officer D.M. Fraser, the officer in charge at Dunblane, and Leading Fireman David Assenti, depute officer in charge at Alyth. These medals are presented after 20 years exempory fire service.
<PHOTO> When he opened Doune’s new fire station on Wednesday, Major D.C. Bowser presented fire long service awards. Sub Officer D.M. Fraser who is in charge at Dunblane, is seen receiving his medal and also pictured is the other recipient Leading Fireman D. Assenti, depute officer in charge at Alyth
(Perthshire Advertiser, Saturday, 15 May, 1965. Page 9.)

<PHOTO> Major D.C. Bowser, county convener, inspecting ranks prior to the opening ceremony at the new fire station at Doune on Wednesday evening. It replaces old premises at Castle Hill
(Perthshire Advertiser, Saturday, 15 May, 1965. Page 12.)

<PHOTO> Watching as Major Bowser sets the alarm going are, l to r – Mr. A.D.C. Main, Provost H.J. Grant (Doune), and Mr. Alexander Masson, firemaster of Perth and Kinross.
(Perthshire Advertiser, Saturday, 15 May, 1965. Page 13.)


<PHOTO> means there was a photo in the newspaper, the photo is not on this site.



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