Retained Unit


1972 to 1993 Wooden Garage round the back of the Petrol Station.
Sept 1993 Station Road, TYNDRUM.  FK20 8RY.                                           Photo


? Volunteer Leader ?
? Volunteer Leader Norman MacCaskill
1987? to Retained Leading Firefighter Allan Brodie QFSM  (There in 2009)




  SMS682 Land Rover/Fire Armour L4P
1992 J370VLS Mercedes 711D/Fulton and Wylie LFA
2013 Nov SN13DAA Mercedes 818 DA 4x4/Emergency One LFA

J370VLS has a 150 gallon water tank and a portable pump in a locker. the portable pump used to be plumbed in but now has to be carried to the rear of the appliance and connected up.




1972 to 2004 Central Scotland Fire Brigade
17/9/2004 to 2013 Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Service
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service




Establishment 2000

                                                                                    Equipment                                                                                             Volunteer

                                                                                    1 Light Fire Appliance                                                                         1 Leading Firefighter
                                                                                                                                                                                                    6 Firefighters




I was once talking to a friend from Tyndrum, who mentioned that he was part of the voluntary fire brigade service there. I expressed some surprise by saying that I had not realized that he was involved with that. My friend then told me that the leader of the fire brigade was another guy who was actually known to me as a client.
‘How did he become the leader of the fire brigade?’ I asked in all my innocence.
‘He was the only one who had a tow bar on his car,’ was the perhaps inevitable
Highland reply. I compared that with the qualifications no doubt needed by the leader of the fire service in, for example, New York.
(Once Bitten, Twice Fined by Graeme H Pagan. Page 150.)

On the 1st of April 2009 this unit was upgraded to Retained Duty System.
On the 28the of May this unit's call sign was changed to S0.

In the Queen's Birthday Honours 12th June 2010 Watch Manager Allan Brodie was awarded the Queen's Fire Service Medal.

26/1/2016 was Station S0, New National Call Sign is M23.




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