2 Pumps, 1 Line Rescue Unit Wholetime.



1948? to 16/4/1982                North Street, Lochgelly

16/4/1982                                Lumphinnans Road, LOCHGELLY. KY5 9AP           Photo




1960s                                        Station Officer James Clark




  GLT738 Austin K2/Home Office ATV
  MSP745 Bedford D4SZ/HCB WrT
  7453FG Dennis F43/Dennis WrL
  MFG298G Bedford TKEL/HCB Angus ET or CU?


  First Second Emergency Tender Prime Mover Line Rescue Unit
1990 VFS112Y PSC683Y BLS734V    
1992 G44HSC J649USF J83CTS    
1997 L441HSG L442HSG J83CTS    
1998 L441HSG R493AMS J83CTS    
1999 T410BSH R493AMS J83CTS    
2004 SK04BJY T410BSH J83CTS    
2007 SK04BJY SN56CVK J83CTS    
2009 SK04BJY SN56CVK   WX54VVU ?
2016 KV64XNA KN64RVL     ST61EWL

The Prime Mover is now the Rescue Vehicle carrying USAR/HRV Pod in place of the Emergency Tender. (28/12/2009)


BLS734V Dodge G1313/Fulton and Wylie ET
PSC683Y Dodge G13c/HCB Angus WrL
VFS112Y Dodge G13c/HCB Angus WrLR
G44HSC Volvo FL6-14/Alexander WrLR
J83CTS Volvo FL6-14/Mountain Range ET
J649USF Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
L441HSG Volvo FL6-14/Alexander WrL
L442HSG Volvo FL6-14/Alexander WrL
R493AMS Volvo FL6-14 Emergency One WrL
T410BSH Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL/R
SK02SRV Volvo FL6-14/Angloco  (WrL) Temp ET
SK04BJY Volvo FL6H/Emergency One WrL/R
WX54VVU MAN TG-A 26-363 FDLRC 6x4 Marshall SV PM for USAR Pod
SN56CVK Volvo FL6H 220/Emergency One WrL/R
SK07ETL Volvo FM9/Multilift 6x2 PM
SF12KRV Volvo FLL/Emergency One WrL/R
ST61EWL Ford Ranger XL 4x4 LRU
KN64RVL Volvo FL/Emergency One RPL
KV64XNA Volvo FL/Emergency One RPL



? to 1941 ? Fire Brigade
1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Fife Fire Brigade
1975 to 1985 Fife Fire Brigade
1985 to 31/3/2013 Fife Fire and Rescue Service
1/4/2013 to Scottish Fire and Rescue Service



The Fife Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

  Equipment Retained
  1 Towing Vehicle & Large Trailer Pump 1 Leading Fireman
    9 Firemen



Establishment 20/11/1978

  Equipment Wholetime Retained
  ? 1 Sub Officer (WT)  
      1 Leading Firemen
      10 Firemen



 Establishment 2000





2 Water Tender Ladders

4 Station Officers


1 Emergency Tender

4 Sub Officers



12 Leading Firefighters



44 Firefighters

The Staff are split over four watches (Red, Blue, Green and White) working 2 days, 2 nights and 4 days off.
Water Tenders are normally manned 5 and 4 and the Emergency Tender is manned by 2.

The Brigade's Line Rescue Unit is based at Lochgelly. when a call is received requiring the Line Rescue Unit the ET and Ladder (First Appliance) go to the incident as the LRU members are on these two appliances.

Police and Fire Committee Minute Books
FRC/11/1/2     PF99    7/4/1982
The Firemaster reported that the retained stations at North Street, Lochgelly and Union Street, Cowdenbeath were now surplus to the operational requirements of the service.

The wholetime station in Lumphinnans Road replaced Lochgelly and Cowdenbeath retained stations.

FIRE DRILL: the scene on Friday at the official opening of Fifeís newest fire station in Lumphinnans Road, Lochgelly.
The £500,000 station which has been operational for several weeks, was opened, in the presence of a party of invited guests by Councillor W. Coull, chairman of Fife Regionalís Police and Fire Committee.
He described the development as a further step in the programme to provide first class, modern facilities for the Regionís Fire Brigade.
Fife Regional Council Convener, Councillor Robert Gough, presided and a prayer of dedication was given by the Rev. N. R. Macaskill.
There was a photo of crews lined up in front of 3 appliances.
(The Dunfermline Press. 23rd April, 1982. Page 15.)

Lochgelly had a call sign of A4 in Fife Fire and Rescue Service, this was changed to N02, the new National Call Sign, when Thornton Control closed on 30/3/2016.



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