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On 16th May 1975, Fife Fire Brigade kept the same name and covered the same area but was now administered by Fife Regional Council. In 1985 the brigade changed its name to Fife Fire and Rescue Service to better describe the modern function of the service. On the 1st April 1996, following Local Government Reorganisation administration of the brigade was transferred to Fife Council Protective Services Committee but the area covered remained the same. The Committee has 26 members.

Area covered         1,307 square kilometres             Population         345,000

There are :-
5     Wholetime stations
8    Retained stations

371    Wholetime Personnel (DO II down)
101    Retained Personnel
22      Control Room Staff
46      Support Staff (Civilians)

21    Water Tender ladders
2      Aerial Ladder Platforms
1      Foam Carrier
1      Emergency Tender
1      Control Unit

Management Team:-
1    Firemaster
1    Deputy Firemaster
1    Commander Operations (DO I)
1    Commander Support (DO I)



                                Strathore Road, Thornton, KIRKCALDY KY1 4DF


1975 to 1977 Firemaster F. Partington FIFireE
1977 to 1983 Firemaster F. Ballantyne QFSM  MIFireE
1983 to 1988 Firemaster J. Thompson QFSM  FIFireE
1988 to 1996 Firemaster J. White QFSM  BA  FIFireE
1996 to  1/3/2001 Firemaster N. H. Campion QFSM  MIFireE
2001 to 2002 Acting Firemaster Alastair Wyse
March 2002 to 29/4/2005 Firemaster Mike J Bitcon QFSM, DMS, FIFireE
8/6/2005 to 15/5/2008? Chief Fire Officer Danny O'Donnell QFSM  MA  MSc
19/5/2008 to July 2010 Chief Fire Officer Jimmy Campbell QFSM, MA, MIFireE
July 2010 to 31/3/2013 Chief Fire Officer Neil McFarlane

Firemaster Partington became Chief Fire Officer of Hereford and Worcester Fire Brigade from 1/4/1977 to 9/12/1987. At some point he was awarded an O.B.E.


1975     Present    
      A Division    
Dunfermline WT   A1 Dunfermline WT
Glenrothes WT 1 pump became 2 pump 1983 A2 Glenrothes WT
Kirkcaldy WT   A3 Kirkcaldy WT
Lochgelly RT Moved to new station and became WT 16/4/1982 A4 Lochgelly WT
Methil WT   A5 Methil WT
Rosyth WT Closed 24/3/2010 Moved to new Dunfermline Station      
Thornton WT Closed 1983 pump moved to Glenrothes (now 2 pump)      
Cowdenbeath RT Closed 16/4/1982 replaced by new wholetime station Lochgelly      
      B Division    
Anstruther RT   B1 Anstruther RT
Auchtermuchty RT   B2 Auchtermuchty RT
Burntisland RT   B3 Burntisland RT
Cupar RT   B4 Cupar RT
Newburgh RT   B5 Newburgh RT
St. Andrews RT   B6 St. Andrews RT
St. Monans RT   B7 St. Monans RT
Tayport RT   B8 Tayport RT
      M2ZTF Control Room  

Stations Built


Station Occupied Official Opening
Tayport   19/4/1975
Rosyth   5/10/1977
Cupar   26/8/1978
Methil   29/5/1981
Lochgelly   16/4/1982
St Monans   26/6/1992
Newburgh   18/3/1995
Dunfermline 24/3/2010 13/4/2010


On a lighter note, Mr O'Donnell is related to his famous showbiz namesake: "He's my cousin and we meet regularly. The only real difference is I can't sing and Danny can't put out fires."

In 2002 Fife Fire and Rescue Service cost Council tax payers 92 pence per person per week.



1/6/2011      All Fife's specials, with the exception of the CARP at Dumfermline, are now Jump Manned/Dual Crewed. If the ICU at Dumfermline is required two off the CARP crew it and the CARP is crewed by two as an aerial only. The CARP has a crew of four.

13/4/2010    The new fire station at Pitreavie replacing the stations at Dunfermline and Rosyth is to be officially opened today.

13/6/2009    In the Queen's Birthday Honours List Brian Ritchie Hughes, Retained Watch Manager, Tayport Fire Station was awarded the Queen's Fire Service Medal.





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