1 Pump Retained.


? to 19/4/1975 Dougal Street, TAYPORT.                                          Photo
19/4/1975 to 6   Nelson Street, TAYPORT. DD6 9DR.                   Photo


? to ? Sub Officer Tam Bryson
1974? to 1994 Sub Officer Billy Graham
1994 April to 2006 Oct Sub Officer Brian Hughes
2006 Oct to Watch Manager Brian Hughes QFSM Rank to Role name change




  ? Austin K2/Home Office ATV
1946 DSP486 Dennis MP
1956 OSP185 Karrier Gamecock/Carmichael WrT
1974 ASP522M Dodge K850/Carmichael WrT
1990 EMS261V Dodge G1313/Fulton and Wylie WrT
1997 E407MSX Dodge G13/Alexander WrL
1998 L442HSG Volvo FL6-14/Alexander/Angloco (rebuilt) WrL
2004 N573ASX Volvo FL6-14/Alexander WrL/R
2011 Feb SK03AHN Volvo FL6H/Emergency One WrL/R
2016 Dec SF12KRV Volvo FLL/Emergency One WrL/R



? to 1941 ? Fire Brigade
1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Fife Fire Brigade
1975 to 1985 Fife Fire Brigade
1985 to 31/3/2013 Fife Fire and Rescue Service
1/4/2013 to Scottish Fire and Rescue Service




In the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2009 Watch Manager Brian Ritchie Hughes was awarded the Queen's Fire Service Medal.

Brian Ritchie Hughes, 52, joined Tayport Fire Station, Fife Fire and Rescue Service in 1975 as a fire fighter on the retained duty system. Since then he has risen through the ranks to his current role of Watch Manager.
As well as running his own business, Mr Hughes provides emergency cover for the towns of Tayport, Newport and Wormit, along with the outlying villages in North East Fife. His station also provides back up cover when required to the neighbouring Tayside Fire and Rescue Service. Over the years, Mr Hughes and his crew have attended a number of incidents in Dundee, most notably a major fire at Morgan Academy in 2001.
Working with Fife and Tayside Fire and Rescue Services, Mr Hughes has organised joint training between the two services to promote a stronger working relationship.
Significant fire risks within Mr Hughes' area include RAF Leuchars, with its bulk fuel installations and Tentsmuir Forest. Over the years he has formed partnerships with colleagues responsible for each of these areas to improve the response levels from his own station and from Fife Fire and Rescue Service.
Mr Hughes has taken an active role in supporting staff to deliver a range of community safety initiatives within the Tayport area, including regular meetings and educational events with local nurseries and schools.
This work includes giving his time and commitment to providing local children's charity, Barnardos, with advice on fire safety. Mr Hughes also encourages colleagues from his own station to support other organisations related to the fire and rescue service, such as the Firefighters Charity and the International Fire and Rescue Association. Mr Hughes is known as being a strong role model who shows outstanding dedication to his community.
(Scottish Executive 13/6/2009)

Tayport had a call sign of B8 in Fife Fire and Rescue Service, this was changed to N23, the new National Call Sign, when Thornton Control closed on 30/3/2016.



The Fife Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

  Equipment Retained
  1 Towing Vehicle & Large Trailer Pump 1 Leading Firemen
    9 Firemen

Establishment 2000

  Equipment Retained


1 Water Tender Ladder

1 Sub Officer



2 Leading Firefighters



9 Firefighters










By Provost James B. Pow, J.P.

Provost of Tayport


Saturday, 19th April, 1975




The Chairman of the Joint Committee will welcome guests and introduce the Provost of Tayport, James B. Pow, J.P. and invite him to open the Fire Station.

Vice Chairman will propose vote of thanks and make presentation to Provost Pow.

Provost Pow will be invited to initiate a test turn out.

Inspection of Crew by Provost Pow.

Inspection of Premises and Conducted Tour.

Buffet Tea



Early Tayport records show that in 1887, Tayport became a Burgh and was then involved in all the activities associated with setting up drainage, and sewage schemes, a water supply and so forth.
It is on record that between 1885 and 1886 a good deal was said about the inadequacy of the town’s water supply, being at that time supplied from public pumps and private wells all of which were considered by many to be unsatisfactory. Out of this controversy which according to one historian “reached very high tempo at times” came the decision to take a water supply from Dundee. Such an arrangement had already been made for the neighbouring burgh of Newport on Tay.
By 1890 an adequate water supply had been secured and thoughts were then given to the formation of a Burgh Fire Brigade. This fire fighting team was established in 1891 and functioned for a number of years under the lead of Walter Pillans who was a ‘well kent’ man of his time.
Though the appliances of the early Brigade were primative being in the main wheelbarrow transported by manpower the volunteer firemen served the town well until the introduction of the National Fire Service at the beginning of the Second World War.
In 1947 fire Brigades returned to Local Authority control and Tayport became a unit of Fife Fire Brigade under the control of the newly formed Fife Fire Area Joint Committee.
The war brought great advances in the type of fire engines available and at this time Tayport were operating with a motorised unit and trailer pump.
Further advances in appliance design saw the introduction of a Water Tender with trailer which was later replaced with a Water Tender with a built in pump, and is the one now used by the Tayport Unit. It carries 400 gallons of water and a light portable pump and is equipped with the most modern fire fighting equipment.
The opening of the new station at Tayport is part of the Fire Committee’s programme of modernisation of obsolete fire stations throughout the county and is the last one to be built by the Fife Fire Area Joint Committee before regionalisation when the Fire Brigade will come under the control of the Fife Regional Council.


Extracts from Various Meetings

Extract from Adjourned Meeting of the Tayport Police Commissioners 25th May, 1891.
“Messrs. Mill & Scott were authorised to obtain a Fire Reel and arrange for a Fire Brigade on as favourable terms as possible”.

Extract from minute of Quarterly Statutory Meeting of the Tayport Police Commissioners 11th July, 1892.
“Fire Hose”
It was unanimously resolved that the charges for use of hose and services of men should be as follows:
For use of reel – for the first 4 hours, 5/- per hour, thereafter 2/6 per hour.
For men engaged – for the first 3 hours 2/- each per hour and 1/- for each hour thereafter.
It was agreed to allow the man who first arrived at place of fire 2/6 over his ordinary pay.

Extract from Abstract of the Account for year ending 14th May, 1892.
“Expenditure – Fire Department £14. 1. 1.




Bailie W. A. Coull

Vice Chairman
Provost P. Y. Muir

Fife County Council
Commander D. E. G. Wemyss D.S.O., R.N.
Mrs. I. Pratt
Mr. P. Gemmell
Mr. R. Mill

Small Burghs
Councillor D. Duffy
Provost P. Y. Muir
Provost W. Sharp
Treasurer K. R. Hayward

Kirkcaldy Town Council
Bailie W. A. Coull
Councillor Mrs. G. Arnott
Councillor F. J. Hubbard

Dunfermline Town Council
Bailie Mrs. J. H. Mackie

Hon. Treasurer R. Gardiner
Bailie J. Furniss

F. Partington F.I.FireE., A.M.B.I.M.



J. Fisher Dip. Arch., A.R.I.B.A., A.R.I.A.S.


Electrical and Heating
J. Baxter, Kirkcaldy

R. J. Robertson & Co., Ltd., Dundee

Appliance bay doors
Westland Engineering Co., Yeovil, Somerset

Floor Coverings
Numire Contracts Ltd., Dundee

W. J. Dowds, Glenrothes

Rippin Structures, Auchtermuchty

Fife County Council, Parks Department.
(Copy of Official Opening Programme. The front cover had a picture of the Fire Station on it.)


1952 crew photo.

DSP486 photo

Crew photo Station Opening 19/4/1975


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