2 Pump Retained.


1880 ?
? to 1978 ?                                                              Photo
24/8/1978 Millgate, CUPAR. KY15 5EE.             Photo
October 2012 Large Shed at Elmwood College on Carslogie Road
28/8/2013 Millgate, CUPAR. KY15 5EE refurbished




? to 1941 Firemaster Robert Bett
1948 to 1955 Sub Officer Robert Bett
? to ? Station Officer J Latto
? to ? Station Officer A Carmichael
? to ? Station Officer D Young
? to 1986 Station Officer M Smith
1986 to 2002 Station Officer George Laing
2002 to Station Officer Mark Cook (Still there 2016)
2019 to 2021? There are 2 WM(A)s Mark Cook and Martin Douglas
2021? Watch Commander Martin Douglas

Haven't been able to find out why 2 WM(A)s.



1880   Barrow  



Steam Pumping Engine




Petrol Driven Engine

1953 LFG176 Commer QX/HCB Angus WrT(A)
  OSP186 Karrier Gamecock/Carmichael WrT
  XFG56 Dennis F24/Dennis WrL
1975 HFS708N Dodge K850/Carmichael WrL


  First Second
1990 ASG997W EFS591S
1992 C104VSC EFS591S
1997 H82NSX F539XSC
2000 H82NSX M630RFS
2002 M630RFS N574ASX
2006 N574ASX T469BSH
2007 T410BSH T469BSH
2014 SK04BJX P588GMS
2015 July SF10GVD SF10GVC
2022 June SF10GVD KY65OLR
2022 Sept KY65OLW KY65OLR


EFS591S Dodge K1113/HCB Angus WrT
ASG997W Dodge G1313/HCB Angus WrLR
C104VSC Dodge G1313/Fulton and Wylie WrLR
F539XSC Volvo FL6-14/Alexander WrL
H82NSX Volvo FL6-14/Alexander WrL
M630RFS Volvo FL6-14/Alexander WrL
N574ASX Volvo FL6-14/Alexander/Angloco WrL
P588GMS Volvo FL6-14/Excalibur WrL
T410BSH Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL/R
T469BSH Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL/R
SK04BJX Volvo FL6H/Emergency One WrL/R
SF10GVC Volvo FL15/Emergency One WrL/R
SF10GVD Volvo FL15/Emergency One WrL/R
KY65OLR Volvo FL/Emergency One RP
KY65OLW Volvo FL/Emergency One RP



1880 to 1941 Cupar Fire Brigade
1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Fife Fire Brigade
1975 to 1985 Fife Fire Brigade
1985 to 2013 Fife Fire and Rescue Service
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

The Cupar Fire Brigade was administered by the Cupar Area Joint Fire Brigade Committee. (1941)


Retiral Gift at Cupar

Mr Thomas Smith, who recently retired from office as Deputy Firemaster in Cupar, was honoured last night by colleagues and members of Cupar Area Joint Fire Brigade.
Councillor A. M. Duncan, chairman of the joint committee, mentioned that Mr Smith had given 53 years' service . He called upon Firemaster Robert Bett to hand over a gift of a chiming clock.
(The Courier and Advertiser, Wednesday, July 9, 1941. page 2.)

Hitherto on a retained basis, Cupar’s Firemaster, Mr. R.Bett, has been placed on the professional establishment of the brigade.
(Fire, December, 1940. page 118.)

The retirement is announced of Mr Robert Bett. Mr Bett was Firemaster of Cupar, Fife, at the time of the nationalisation of the Fire Service during the last war. Since 1948 Mr Bett has held the rank of Retained Sub Officer in Fife Fire Brigade. He recently celebrated his 70 birthday.
(Fire magazine, April 1955.)



Cupar, being the County town of the Kingdom of Fife, has always been to the fore in showing an example, and not least in the field of firefighting.
Records show that as early as 1880, Cupar had a volunteer Fire Brigade which was equipped with a barrow containing water buckets, hose and branches. This volunteer Fire Brigade existed for a number of years and did some sterling work for the County seat. Further progress came when insurance Companies started taking an interest in firefighting when they provided equipment and paid men on a retained basis to answer fire calls.
Then we had the ludicrous situation of fire crews returning home without fighting a fire because the company was not insured. To overcome this situation, Local Authorities took over control of Fire Brigades and they became much more efficient units and were supplied with modern equipment.
Cupar received their first steam pumping engine in 1916 and had a retained or part-time crew who were paid 1/6d when they answered a call, and in an effort to speed up attendance, the first man at the Engine House received 2/6d.
With the introduction of the petrol engine, fire engines were further modernised and Cupar received the first petrol driven fire engine, equipped with pneumatic tyres, in 1929. This arrangement was in existence until the 2nd World War, when Cupar was absorbed into the National Fire Service, a situation which was to continue until 1947, when Fire Brigades were returned to Local authorities’ under the control of the Fife Fire Area Joint Committee, which became the Police and Fire Committee on regionalisation.
Progress and a forward looking Committee are responsible for this ceremony today and you can see a very modern Fire Station with all the required amenities and also provided with two of the modern fire appliances, stocked with up to date equipment.
(From and article given to me by Ken Reid)

Cupar had a call sign of B4 in Fife Fire and Rescue Service, this was changed to N27, the new National Call Sign, when Thornton Control closed on 30/3/2016.


The Fife Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

  Equipment Retained
  1 Towing Vehicle & Major Trailer Pump 1 Section Leader
  1 Water Tender & Light Trailer Pump 2 Leading Firemen


1 Light Trailer Pump

17 Firemen


Establishment 2000

  Equipment Retained


2 Water Tender Ladders

1 Station Officer



1 Sub Officer



2 Leading Firefighters



16 Firefighters


Cupar Fire Station Re-Opening
Wednesday 28th August 2013
Programme of Events

1815 – Arrival of Guests 

1830 – Introduction/Domestics
Station Manager S Thomson - Scottish Fire and Rescue Service(SFRS) 

1845 – Chair of Fire and Rescue Transitional Committee (FRTC)
Councillor Neil Crooks 

1900 – Re-Opening of Cupar Fire Station
Chief Officer Alasdair Hay (SFRS) 

1915 – Station Tour
Cupar Personnel 

1930 – Buffet/Refreshments

Note –The above stated times are for guidance purposes only and may subject to change.



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