Pods for the MAN Prime Mover


Incident Welfare Unit. This is a Welfare Pod or heated rest area. The Research and Development was done by Strathclyde Fire and Rescue with the funding coming from The Scottish Government. It is the first of it's kind in the UK and other Brigades are looking to getting a similar Pod. It will be based at Renfrew and transported by the MAN Prime Mover (New Dimension MAN which came with the HVP) which is stationed there. The Pod has two dignified facilities (Chemical toilets). In the Welfare Area there is a fridge, microwave, sink, water cooler supplying both chilled or hot water and a wall mounted television. There is a table with bench seating round it made of PolyBilt. A diesel generator supplies the electricity and the Pod has Scene Lighting. There is also a sort of Gazebo which clips into the door side to provide cover from the weather.
April 2010 the Welfare POD along with the Environmental POD went on the run from S03 Renfrew. The Welfare Unit is turned out to incidents on request. A driver and Firefighter transport it to the incident, drop it off and set it up then instruct the personnel at the incident who have been designated to it on its operation. After the incident is over the prime Mover returns and the driver and Firefighter pack it up and empty the toilets and transport it back to Renfrew. It's first turn out was on 27/6/2009 (before it officially went on the run) to a Level 5 fire in a scrapyard at  Meadowside Side Street, Renfrew. It's first turnout after it went on the run was to a Level 3 forest fire at Straiton in Ayrshire on 24/4/2010.

Incident Welfare Unit in Cowcaddens yard.              101_6306                                   25/8/2009

Incident Welfare Unit in Cowcaddens yard.                  101_6307                               25/8/2009

Rest and dining area in Welfare Unit                                101_7017                            21/4/2010

Kitchen area in Welfare Unit                                            101_7018                            21/4/2010


Kitchen area in Welfare Unit                                            101_7019                            21/4/2010


Environmental Pod

Environmental Pod in Barrhead Yard (now at Renfrew)      100_6165                           8/3/2007


Flood and Environmental Response Unit. The Serious Flood Response Module enhances the ability of SFR to assist in mitigating the effects of flooding, working in partnership with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) who are the lead agency for flooding. Due to the geographical area of SFR's operating and population areas the service can face challenges in getting suitable equipment (in large quantities) to locations undergoing a serious flooding incident This movable, self-contained module allows best use of valuable resources and is operated to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for flood response as far reasonably practicable.
The unit has two double doors on each side which give access to the six cages which are removed and stored outside when the Unit is in operation either under the awnings or in the two tents which the Unit carries (concertina frame tents). The Unit has three awnings with side and front panels to give protection from the weather and the side ones can have panels fitted to give a passageway to the door with an enclosed room on either side, say a male and female changing room. Once the cages are removed this gives access to a desk along the front end of the room with radios and white boards which can be used as a command and control point. The cages are removed in the order middle, right then left. The six cages contain; Inflatable Boat, RS10 Life Jackets, Lighting and Heaters; Personnel Protection Equipment of Flood Suits, Wading Poles and Helmets; Two Tents, Portable Shower; Rails for hanging suits up to dry, Step Ladders; Salvage Equipment of Bass Brooms, Buckets, Mops and Submersible Pumps. Spring loaded poles between roof and floor are used in the pod between the cages to stop them moving about in transit and the ramp is stored vertically inside the doors attached to the cages by web straps.
The single door on one side gives access to the generator and is also the storage area for the awning sides.
When crews return to the unit, they they shower to clean the Flood Suits, change in the changing rooms set up in the awnings and hang the suits up on rails in one of the tents which has the heater in it to dry them ready for issue to the relief crew.
The unit was built and designed by the fleet and operations sections of SFR in conjunction with the builders JDC of Guildford.

Flood and Environmental Response Unit in Cowcaddens yard      101_7485                17/7/2010

Flood and Environmental Response Unit in Cowcaddens yard      101_7482                17/7/2010

Flood and Environmental Response Unit outside Operations Workshop.    101_8284     2/2/2011


Mass Decontamination Pod


High Volume Pump Hose Unit. This Module was marked HVP SE5 originally and carries the Hose Boxes SE5 HB and SE6 HB.


High Volume Pump Unit. This Module carries the High Volume Pump and a Hose Box. See High Volume Pump page for more details.


Technical Rescue Support Module. This POD is based at The Technical Rescue Training Centre at Hamilton Headquarters. It is a half height open body with a single small gate door on the near side and a drop down tail gate to form a ramp into it. It also has three lockable cupboards at the top end which double as a work bench. It is used to transport a small digger and can also be utilised as a lorry to remove rubble from the incident.

TRSM outside TRTC rear Hamilton Station.                           101_6901                    10/4/2010

TRSM showing lockable cupboard with workbench on top    101_6902                      10/4/2010


MDD, ENV, WFM amd Hose Pods at Renfrew             101_7020                            21/4/2010

Additional Prime Mover.
In order to enhance resilience in handling/deployment of its various modules or pod systems currently in use within SFR, the service purchased an additional prime mover with multi lift lifting equipment.
This vehicle is based on a Scania P360 CB 6X4 MS2 fitted with a day cab. It was built in conjunction with Scania, Emergency One and Logan Ingles.



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