Strathclyde inherited 2 purpose built Foam Tenders by Pyrene, which were like Pumps except that it was foam that came out the deliveries, from Glasgow Fire Service along with a Hi-Expansion Foam Unit which was a van and it towed the Hi-Ex Foam Unit which was like a large fan. Hi-Ex foam was used at the STV studios fire where tragically Sub Officer Archibald McLay died on the 3rd November 1969. It was also used on a boat fire. Hi-Ex foam could be used to fill a basement or ship’s hold and then let you walk through it and still be able to breathe.



Foam Appliances

B01 South                              FGG121C                AEC Mercury/Bennett/Pyrene          FoT also at D4 (before D3?) at D3

A04 North West                   FYS879C                AEC Mercury/Bennet/Pyrene            FoT

A01 Central                           NGE656F                BMC/Bennett                                       Hi-Ex

C04 Paisley                            SHS721M              Ford D0600                                            HL/FoT then C5 1980

C07 Greenock                        SHS722M              Ford 0910/Fulton & Wylie                  HL/FoT then D1 1980 as BAT/HL

D04 Irvine North                  GXH600                 Austin K2/Home Office (Ex ATV)     FoT

D05 Dreghorn                       H516CGD               Mercedes 811D/Fulton and Wylie    FoST

F01 Clydebank                      H515CGD               Mercedes 811D/Fulton and Wylie    FoST



Photos of Foam Tenders

Photos of Foam Salvage Tenders



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