1 Pump, 1 Foam Tender, Wholetime 1 Prime Mover, 1 Pump, Retained.


? to 1982 Monifieth Fire Station, 13 Princes Street, MONIFIETH. DD5 4AN.                        Photo
14/12/1982 Balmossie Fire Station, North Balmossie Street, MONIFIETH. DD5 2PX.             Photo

When the station opened it was called Monifieth but at some point the name changed to Balmossie.
In the 1990 Firemaster's Annul Report the station is listed as Monifieth. In the 1992 report it is listed as Balmossie.


Firemasters (Monifieth)

1939                                                Firemaster J. Heggie
? to 15/5/1963                               Sub Officer W. G. Fenton (there 1959)
1963 to ?                                        Sub Officer D. Naismith











Karrier Gamecock/Carmichael




Karrier Gamecock/Carmichael




First Second FoT BASU Detection Identification & Monitoring
1981 HSP133W HSP134W DTS755D    
1985 ? ? VGS632L    
1990 C889YTS HSP134W VGS632L    
1992 H858YSR F528OES   G539STS  
1993 K39LES H858YSR? ? ?  
1995 M482WTS H858YSR    G539STS  
1999 S583PSR H858YSR   G539STS  
2002 SP51MZL S583PSR   G539STS  
2002 SP51MZL S583PSR   SP51MKX  
2003 SP51MZL S583PSR   SP51MKZ  
2004 SP51MZL S583PSR   SP51MKX  
2005 ST52GYJ S583PSR   SP51MKX  
2006 ST52GYJ S583PSR   SF06CLY  
2007 SP07HMZ S583PSR   SF06CLY  
2008 SP07HMZ Y298PSP   SF06CLY  
2010 SP07HMZ Y298PSP   SP51MKV  
2010 Dec SP60CLZ Y298PSP   SP51MKV  
2013 July SP60CLZ SF10EEO   SP51MKV  


DTS755D Albion/Firechief/Carmichael "Vista View" FoT (Converted WrL)
VGS632L Dodge K850/HCB Angus/TFB FoT (Converted WrL)
HSP133W Dodge G1313/HCB Angus WrL
HSP134W Dodge G1313/HCB Angus WrL
C889YTS Dodge G13c/Fulton and Wylie WrL
F528OES Volvo FL6-14/Mountain Range WrL
G539STS Mercedes 1114/Penman pod carrier PM
H858YSR Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
K39LES Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
M482WTS Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
S583PSR Volvo Fl6-14/Emergency One WrL
Y298PSP Scania 94D-260/Excalibur WrL
SP51MZL Scania 94D-260/Excalibur WrL
SP51MKV MAN LE220B/Ray Smith PM
SP51MKX MAN LE220B/Ray Smith PM
SP51MKZ MAN LE220B/Ray Smith PM
ST52GYJ Scania 94D-260/Excalibur RP
SF06CLY MAN 18-280/Ray Smith/Penman Pod PM
SP07HAU Scania FoT
SP07HMZ Scania P270/JDC RP
MX09OSG Iveco Daily 65C18 DIM
SF10EEO Scania P270/Emergency One RP
SP60CLZ Scania P280/Emergency One RP
SV64AET Scania P280/JDC RP
SF70GXY Scania P280/Emergency One (New Gen) RP

G539STS is a Prime Mover with the BA Support Unit Pod on but this can be changed to the Operational Support Unit (Catering) Pod when required.

SP51MKZ carries the BA Support Unit Pod, there is also an Operational Support Unit (Catering) Pod and a Fire Safety Pod. The Pods are raised by electric hydraulic legs at the rear the PM then moves forward till the front legs are clear then they are raised and then the PM then  moves away leaving the Pod at the incident. The PM returns later and reverses under the pod

Pods at Station Breathing Apparatus (SUBA), Operational Support Unit. (5/1/2011)



1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Angus Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 7/6/2005 Tayside Fire Brigade
8/6/2005 to 2013 Tayside Fire and Rescue (Name change only)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service



The non-professional fire brigade at Monifieth, near Dundee, has been reorganised. The former personnel of eight, five of whom were more than 60 years of age, has been replaced by younger personnel of ten. The new chief is Mr. J. Heggie, a municipal official.
Hydrant outlets in Monifieth are to be altered to conform with those of Dundee, so that the Dundee Fire Brigade may render assistance in event of serious fires.
It is expected that an officer from the Dundee Fire Brigade will supervise the instruction of the new personnel.
(Fire, March, 1939. page 232.)

Low's Foundry in Monifieth had their own fire brigade, and loaned it to the town when needed. (Talking about late 19th century, I think.)
(Britain in Old Photographs, Angus by Fiona C. Scharlau. Page 82.)



The Angus Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1958

  Monifieth Station              Equipment                                                                                         Retained

                                                1 Pump Appliance                                                                            1 Sub Officer
                                                                                                                                                            1 Leading Fireman
                                                                                                                                                            8 Firemen


Establishment 2000

                                                Equipment                                             Wholetime                             Retained

                                                2 Water Tender Ladders                     4 Sub Officers                      1 Sub Officer
                                                1 Prime Mover                                      4 Leading Firefighters         1 Leading Firefighters
                                                1 BA Pod                                               28 Firefighters                      7 Firefighters
                                                1 Canteen Pod
                                                1 Fire Safety Pod

Min crew per watch 7. The Establishment is split over 4 watches, Red, White, Blue and Green working an average of 42 hours per week on a 2 days, 2 nights and 4 days off rota.

This was A03 until 28/6/2004 when it became Station 3 and on ?/12/2015 it became P05 with the introduction of the new National Call Signs.


Station A10 Monifieth was a 1 Pump retained station which was the size of a large domestic garage which could only hold a Karrier Gamecock Water Tender. Station A3 Broughty Ferry was a 1 Pump wholetime and 1 Pump retained station. They both closed when the new A3 called Balmossie opened in 1982. The new station is exactly on the border of Broughty Ferry and Monifieth and both retained crews were re-employed to respond to the new A3, when Balmossie became operational initially with 1 wholetime Pump and 1 retained Pump and Foam Salvage Tender.

Balmossie Fire Station which was opened in 1981 was officially opened later. Prior to the station being operational, it was handed over to Tayside Fire Brigade. The Foam Salvage Tender which was relocated from the Kingsway Station was stationed on the run at Balmossie which was not operational as yet. The Foam Salvage Tender was as I said on the run from Balmossie the crew acting as 'caretakers'. The first turnout the station got was at this time when the Foam Salvage Tender was turned out as part of the first attendance to an AFA call to the Michelin Tyre Factory.
The crew of two, Driver Graham Moir, and a young Leading Fireman, Dave Adam, attended the first ever turnout from the station.
(Dave Adam, Ex Angus and Tayside Fire Brigades and now retired Group Commander Strathclyde Fire and Rescue. January 2010.)


A fire station for the ‘80s

Tayside’s newest fire station was given the official seal of approval in a ceremony on the premises yesterday.
Balmossie fire station, Monifieth, serving the east of Dundee and surrounding areas, was officially opened by Councillor William Johnston, convener of Tayside Regional Council police and fire committee.
Saying that the event was “very much an occasion in the history of the Tayside Brigade,” Councillor Johnston paid tribute to all those involved in what represented further progress in the region’s fire services. He unveiled a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion.


He pointed to various aspects of modern day life, such as higher technology in chemicals, machinery, communications and building regulations which, he said, “have created conditions which place ever increasing demands upon the members of the fire service.”
Balmossie station is the operational base for four watches of firemen, each of nine men, and for the fire prevention officer for an area stretching from eastern Dundee to Carnoustie. Costing around £580,000, it replaces two old, smaller stations—at Monifieth and Broughty Ferry—and will take some pressure off the busy East Kingsway station in Dundee.


Construction of the building by Burness & Sons. (Montrose), Ltd., began in April 1981
It has been designed to blend into the background, and extensive landscaping work has been done to preserve the amenity of the area.
Internally, there is a four bay appliance room though, at the moment, there are only three appliances including a specialised foam/salvage appliance.
Facilities also include an emergency generator, compressor and communications equipment and recreation and messing accommodation.
A drill tower, drill yard and lecture room are among training facilities.
Firemaster David Nicoll thanked everybody involved in the project and those who attended yesterday’s ceremony.
He also presented Councillor Johnston and Dr. W. Fitzgerald, convener of the regional council, who made the opening address, with scaled down and mounted fire axes.
(Courier and Advertiser, Wednesday, December 15, 1982. Page 5)






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