Station 12 AIRLIE

1 Pump, Volunteer. CLOSED.


1978 to 2005          Airlie Estate, CORTACHY. DD8 4LY.           Photo




2002 to 2005         Leading Firefighter Ian Rose


? EGS986D Commer VAKS//HCB Angus WrT
? RTS811L Dodge K850/HCB Angus WrT
1990 PSP347R Dodge K850/HCB Angus WrT
? HSP131W Dodge G1313/HCB Angus WrT
1998 D638ESL Dodge G13/Fulton and Wylie WrT
1999 E356JSN Dodge G13/Mountain Range WrT
? E358JSN Dodge G13/Mountain Range WrT
2001 F529OES Volvo FL6-14/Mountain Range WrL
2003 G822TSP Volvo FL6-14/Excalibur WrL



1978 to 2005 Tayside Fire Brigade



Unit closed Midnight 31/3/2005.

The closure was due to difficulties in recruiting and retaining personnel from the local communities to maintain a viable working crew at all times. This decision was taken following a recruitment campaign (unsuccessful) and public consultation.
Approval was sought and obtained for closure in accordance with section 19 procedures.
Intervention cover can easily be provided from Station 8 Kirriemuir.

Tayside Fire Brigades is to close one of its four Volunteer Fire Stations. As of midnight tonight, Stn 12 Airlie Estates will be officially decommissioned. The closure follows consultation between the brigade, the fire board and local communities and the First Ministers approval.
The unit was originally run by the estate  and staffed by estate workers up to the early 70's to deal with fires on the estate, then the Angus Area FB started to provide training which was followed by equipment and uniforms and lead to the creation of a volunteer unit. Accommodation was provided by the estate.
In recent years due to changes on the estate it has become difficult to recruit and retain firefighters. At present there is insufficient personnel available to crew the appliance and recruitment campaigns have been unsuccessful. Also the accommodation does not meet prescribed standards.
Tayside Fire Brigade provides more effective cover from Kirriemuir Fire Station which is a 2 pump retained station. It was not considered an effective use of finances to provide proper accommodation in the estates area, said a spokes person.

Airlie became part of Tayside fire brigade in 1977 and was allocated a Dodge WrT in 1985. (Firemaster's annual report 1985)




Establishment 2000

                                                Equipment                                                             Retained

                                                1 Water Tender Ladder                                       ? Sub Officer
                                                                                                                                ? Leading Firefighters
                                                                                                                                ? Firefighters



A further volunteer unit has become a part of the Tayside Fire Brigade and designated Airlie Volunteer Station A12. This unit comprises employees from the Earl of Airlie’s estates who has encouraged the existence of an estate owned firefighting unit for some years but, after acceptance as a section of the Tayside Fire Brigade, now enjoys the status of full membership in this organisation.
(Firemaster's Annual Report 1977/78.)

 Similar training arrangements have been made to familiarise the fire-fighters with Tayside Fire Brigade procedures.




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