2 Pumps Retained.


12/6/1956 Broich Road, CRIEFF PH7 3SB.              Photo




1956                                        Sub Officer Crerar

1969                                        Sub Officer Fyfe

1972                                        Station Officer Fyfe (also there in 1981)

? to March 1990                    Station Officer Saunders

? to 15/6/1996                       Station Officer William Ford

2004                                        Station Officer John McWilliam

2005?                                      Watch Manager Stuart Graham (there 6/1/2021)






Leyland Lynx/Home Office Wakefield     




Commer QX/Carmichael              




Commer 86A/HCB                        




Commer 86A/HCB                          




Commer VAKS/HCB Angus        




Dodge K850/HCB Angus             




Dodge K850/HCB Angus            




Dodge K850/HCB Angus



  First Second
1973 DES916C HGS122
1975 YGS528M DES916C
1990 D638ESL HSP133W
1998 H856YSR L511SSN
2003 V963DSN V964DSN
2005 W637OSP V964DSN
2006 ST52GYH V964DSN
2007 ST52GYH N454ESN
2010 ST52GYH W637OSP
2013 May SP57DXO ST52GYH
6/1/2021 SP57DXO SP57DXR


HSP133W Dodge G13131/HCB Angus WrL
D638ESL Dodge G13c/Fulton and Wylie WrL
H856YSR Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
L511SSN Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
N454ESN Scania 93M-220/Emergency One WrL
V963DSN Scania 94D-260/Emergency One WrL
V964DSN Scania 94D-260/Emergency One WrL
W637OSP Scania 94D/Excalibur/Emergency One RP
ST52GYH Scania 94D-260/Excalibur RP
SP57DXO Scania P270/JDC RP
SP57DXR Scania P270/JDC RP



1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Perth and Kinross Fire Brigade
1975 to 7/6/2005 Tayside Fire Brigade
8/6/2005 to 2013 Tayside Fire and Rescue (Name change only)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service




The Perth and Kinross Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948


                Equipment                                                                                             Retained

                1 Standard Towing Unit with Light Pump mounted                       1 Section Leader
                1 Large Trailer Pump                                                                            1 Leading Fireman
                1 Pump Escape with Light Pump mounted                                       14 Firemen


The Perth and Kinross Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1952


                Equipment                                                                                             Retained

                2 Pump Appliances                                                                              1 Section Leader
                                                                                                                                2 Leading Firemen
                                                                                                                                13 Firemen


Establishment 2000


                Equipment                                                                                             Retained

                2 Water Tender Ladders                                                                     1 Station Officer
                                                                                                                                1 Sub Officer
                                                                                                                                2 Leading Firefighters
                                                                                                                                16 Firefighters


This was B03 until 28/6/2004 when it became Station 23 and on ?/12/2015 it became P33 with the introduction of the new National Call Signs.

Change in Plan for Crieff Fire Station

Perth and Kinross Joint Fire Committee have been told by the Scottish Home Department that their proposal to acquire agricultural land at Duchlage Farm, Crieff, as a site for a new fire station is “undesirable”.
The Home Department asked the Committee to review their proposals with regard to the erection of a station on the site occupied at present by the existing station. Subsequently the county architect reported that by demolishing the existing station it would be possible to erect a new station by acquiring about half of the ground they originally proposed to buy adjacent to the site.
Crieff Town Council have indicated that they are prepared to consider this modified proposal, and the Fire Committee have entered into negotiations with them.
Perthshire Advertiser, Wednesday, 9 December, 1953. Page 9.)

New Fire Station

Mr. A.D.C. Main, of Windyedge, chairman of Perth and Kinross Joint Fire Committee, formally opened the new fire station in Crieff last night. He was accompanied by Lord Provost James A. Smart, of Perth, and Bailie S.A. Lauder, deputising for Provost D.O. Maclean, of Crieff.
Bailie Lauder handed over long service medals to Sub Officer A. Crerar and Leading Fireman John S. Campbell and David Shephard. With commentaries by Firemaster A. Masson, of Perth, the Crieff firemen carried out various drills and demonstrations for the large company which was present.
(Perthshire Advertiser, Wednesday, June 13, 1956. Page 10.)



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