1 Pump, Retained.


? to 12/7/1984 Dundas Street, COMRIE.                            Photos
12/7/1984 to Strowan Road, COMRIE. PH6 2EH.           Photos





1960 Sub Officer Peter Mills
? to April 1989 Sub Officer J Brymer

? to Dec. 1990

Sub Officer Mitchell


Sub Officer Bill Kay

2004? Watch Manager Gregor Muirhead
2010 to Aug 2022 Watch Manager Ben Liversedge
Aug 2022 to April 2023 Watch Commander George Ferguson
April 2023 to Watch Commander Matt Mclay




1973 KGS901G Commer VBKW/HCB Angus HrT
1990 TTS574S Dodge K1113/HCB Angus WrL
1992 C889YTS Dodge G13c/Fulton and Wylie WrL
1998 K37LES Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
2005 K38LES Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
2007 Y302PSP Scania 94D-260/Excalibur RP
2009 SP56FRF Scania P270/JDC RP




1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Perth and Kinross Fire Brigade
1975 to 7/6/2005 Tayside Fire Brigade
8/6/2005 to 2013 Tayside Fire and Rescue (Name change only)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service





The Perth and Kinross Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948


                Equipment                                                                                             Retained

                1 Standard Towing Unit with Light Pump mounted                       1 Leading Fireman
                1 Large Trailer Pump                                                                            9 Firemen



The Perth and Kinross Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1952


                Equipment                                                                                             Retained

                1 Pump Appliance                                                                                2 Leading Firemen
                                                                                                                                8 Firemen



Establishment 2000


                Equipment                                                                                             Retained

                1 Water Tender Ladder                                                                       1 Sub Officer
                                                                                                                                ? Leading Firefighters
                                                                                                                                ? Firefighters


This was B04 until 28/6/2004 when it became Station 24 and on ?/12/2015 it became P34 with the introduction of the new National Call Signs.


Comrie fire station decision despite protest 

Despite opposition from Comrie Community Council, Tayside Region’s police and fire committee have recommended that Comrie’s new fire station be built at Strowan Road.
Design work and negotiations with the site owner are to go ahead immediately.
A previous report by the region’s director of planning had recommended a site at Barrack Road as more suitable.
However, the site owner had said that he intended building a bungalow on it for his own use. A compulsory purchase order would have been resisted on the grounds that an alternative site was available.
The Community Council had opted for the Barrack Road site because:
● Strowan Road has a dangerous bend.
● There is a children’s play park opposite Strowan Road.
● The road is used by children going to and from school.
● There is evidence of on street parking in Strowan Road.
The Strowan Road site is now available for sale and although regional officials agree that there is little to choose between the two sites, that feel that Strowan Road is marginally better.
Before work can be undertaken at the site, planning permission will have to be given by Perth and Kinross District Council.
(Perthshire Advertiser December 22, 1978.)



“COMRIE now has a fire station worthy of its people,” commented Tayside Regional Councillor William Johnston at the official opening of Comrie’s new £166,000 fire station last night.
Councillor Johnston, Convener of Tayside Police and Fire Committee, described the new station as a “massive improvement.”
“This splendid building gives Comrie a purpose built fire station with modern, up-to-date facilities for men and machines.”
Designed by the region’s architectural services department and constructed by Carmichael Builders (Cornrie) Ltd., the new station off Strowan Road, replaces premises in Dundas Street.
“I cannot praise highly enough the firemen who operated out of Dundas Street,” added Councillor Johnston. “They did a marvellous job with a building which presented operational difficulties. Now they have a station geared to their needs, and geared to the needs of Comrie.”
The Dundas Street station, on Comrie’s busy main street, was too small to house a modern fire appliance. Along with the new bulding, Comrie now has an up-to-date fire appliance to replace the previous model.
The new station, which has been in operation less than a month, is single storey, traditional construction. Accommodation includes a one-vehicle appliance room, and the building has been designed to reduce maintainence to a minimum.
Training facilities have been provided, along with better accommodation, for Comrie’s 12 retained firemen. Car parking for the men, always a problem with the old station, is available, plus a lecture room, drill yard and drill tower for fire practice.
The station’s proximity to the River Earn offers opportunities for pump practice.
“This building is in keeping with the modern day requirements of Comrie and I am delighted to officially declare it open,” said Councillor Johnston.
Dr W. K. Fitzgerald, convener of the regional council, gave the opening address at last night’s ceremony and the vote of thanks came from Councillor Hugh MacPhail, vice-convener of the Police and Fire Committee.
(Perthshire Advertiser, Friday, July 13,1984. Page 1.)

Fire Station Opened

<PHOTO> Pictured at the opening of the new Comrie Fire Station were (l to r)-Dr. William K. Fitzgerald, convener of Tayside Regional Council, Councillor William Johnston, convener of Tayside Police and Fire Committee, who formally opened the station, and Firemaster David Nicol.
(Perthshire Advertiser, Tuesday, July 17,1984. Page 15.)





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