1 Pump Volunteer.


Present Bannerfield Park, KIRKMICHAEL.
? to ? Old Church (temporary station while new one built on old site)         Photo
2000? to Bannerfield Park, KIRKMICHAEL.                                                          Photo




? to 2002

Leading Firefighter Ian Keiro

2002 to

Leading Firefighter Albert Van-Der-Velt




1976 GYJ41 Karrier Gamecock/Carmichael WrT
1990 MSL838P Dodge K850/HCB Angus WrT
1998 B805LSM Dodge G13c/Fulton and Wylie WrT
1998 E357JSN Renault G13/Mountain Range WrT
2001 H857YSR Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
2003 J389ESN Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
2007 M481WTS Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
2009 R445TSL Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
2010 S819PSR Volvo FL6-14/Emergency One WrL
2012 V961DSN Scania 94D-260/Emergency One WrL



1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Perth and Kinross Fire Brigade
1975 to 7/6/2005 Tayside Fire Brigade
8/6/2005 to 2013 Tayside Fire and Rescue (Name change only)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service





The Perth and Kinross Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1952


                Equipment                                                                                             Volunteer

                1 Pump Appliance                                                                                3 Firemen


Establishment 2000


                Equipment                                                                                             Volunteer

                1 Water Tender Ladder                                                                       1 Sub Officer
                                                                                                                                ? Leading Firefighters
                                                                                                                                ? Firefighters


This was B13 until 28/6/2004 when it became Station 33 and on ?/12/2015 it became P61 with the introduction of the new National Call Signs.

36. Volunteer Units.
It was reported by the Firemaster and noted that a new Volunteer Unit had been started at Lochearnhead and that new sheds for the storage of appliances had been provided at Kinloch Rannoch and Kirkmichael
(Perth and Kinross Joint Fire Committee Meeting 30/10/1960)

The construction of new stations at Kinloch Rannoch, Glenshee and Kirkmichael is now at a very advanced stage and it is anticipated that at the time of publication arrangements will have been made to commission the new premises.
Three Gamecock Karrier fire appliances have been refurbished and fitted with radios in preparation for the opening of the stations and, to ensure that the volunteer firemen are accustomed to the new style fire engines, a training programme has been initiated with the emphasis on driving and radio procedures.
(Firemaster's Annual Report 1977/78.)


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